Superheroes on Blush Facemask

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Superheroes on Blush Facemask

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Handcrafted mask made with a small wire on top to help shape nose area, as well as an extra piece of fabric and interfacing. 

FABRIC: Cotton

COLOR: Blush

CARE: Machine wash cold, Tumble dry low or hang dry, Iron if needed

Fabric print placement may very due to fabric cut

SMALL: 4" Wide X 8" Long- wire not included on child size

MEDIUM: 4 1/2" Wide X 8" Long

LARGE: 4 1/2" Wide X 8 1/2" Long

EX LAREGE: 5 1/2" Wide X 10 1/2" Long

*This item is not a licensed product. In no way do I sell or claim ownership over the character clip art or graphics, They belong to their respective copyright owners. You are paying for the time spent designing the printed item. All copyrighted and trademarked characters and marks belong to their respective copyright and trademark owners.